87-acre "Limehouse Point" donated to Charleston Parks and Recreation Commission

Image by Flickr user mikebaird

Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission was recently donated 87-acres of park property known as “Limehouse Point.”

According to the CCPRC's website:

The site is located approximately one-half mile west of the current terminus of the West Ashley Greenway on the north side of the Stono River, just west of the John P. Limehouse Bridge on Main Road.

The property includes approximately 50 acres of marsh, 25 acres of highland, as well as a 12-acre island. It provides stunning views of the Stono River and excellent opportunities for bird watching, kayaking and other nature-based recreational activities.

The park was made available to the CCPRC thanks to The Messners and their Speedwell Foundation's conservation and research effort called Red Fields to Green Fields.

For more on the new park and what's in store for the land, visit the Charleston County Park and Recreation's official website.

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