Oil dependency report: South Carolina residents have little protection from high gas prices

Oil Dependency

The Natural Resources Defense Council released its annual "Fighting Oil Addiction" report , which evaluates all 50 states with regard to their vulnerability to changes in gas prices and the solutions they've proposed. South Carolina ranks 2nd on their list as most vulnerable. 

The vulnerability is determined by what percent of an average resident's income is spent on gasoline. According to the report South Carolina ranks so low due to its relatively low incomes and less dense population. South Carolina has dropped for its 46th position last year to 49th this year. Over a five year span South Carolina average ranking is 48th. 

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council study South Carolina currently ranks 34 in its combat to fight oil dependency. While South Carolina does not have any state fleet efficiency standards and no telecommuting policies in place, South Carolina gets kudos due its idling restrictions. 

For the complete report please read it here.

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