Saves Valentine's Day for the Sentiment Weary

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It's the age old story; guy meets girl, guy gives terrible
gift, girl never lets him live it down.  Just when it seems hope is lost and gifts of toaster ovens and DVD players will replace roses and jewels -- salvation is here. The website,, has a mission to provide gift-stunted guys the help they need.

The premise
is simple. Guys join the site for free, register and answer a few questions about the important women in their lives (moms, sisters, girlfriends, etc.) and siginficant dates, then receive a reminder of not only the upcoming occasion, but also some gifts that may fit the personality of their special lady. If they choose the suggestions, the vendor partner wraps the gift and sends it directly to the recipient or to the newly polished gift giver to deliver himself.

May the gift giving be fruitful and Valentine's a delight - good luck gentlemen!