The best hotel pools at the Beach

Flickr user: HannaPritchett

Let's face it, money is tight these days and it's hard to get away in the summer when you live here at the Beach. That's why a lot of people are turning to Staycations.

If you don't know the term 'staycation,' it's ok, we'll share with you. A staycation is when you decide to take a little vacation in your own backyard. It's a fun little weekend thing that people do from time to time. I personally do it once or twice a year. Living up in North Myrtle Beach, it's nice to get a room in downtown Myrtle Beach and "play tourist."

Even as a local along The Grand Strand, we don't know all the best hotels with the best amenities, but we've come across a pretty great list over at that lays out the best hotels with the best pool features. The list goes up and down the coast from Myrtle Beach up to North Myrtle Beach. Check out the list of the Ten Myrtle Beach Hotels with the best features.

What are some of the most local friendly oceanfront hotels? Let us know in the comments.