Charleston's classifieds listings

Image by Flickr user giaroseImage by 20081026classifieds.jpg Craigslist is our pick because of their wide array of listings, their simple and easy-to-use format, and the fact that posting an ad will cost you nothing. Be sure to make it your first stop. does not offer a classifieds service as there are already numerous companies already doing a superb job of it. So, sit back and we'll tell you a bit about the best way to find that second-hand coffee table or pure-bread Dalmatian.

First up, our pick: Craigslist is an Internet-only offering that offers free classifieds listings on pretty much anything you can imagine, as well as community bulletin boards, all in a simple and easy-to-use format. Because including photos with listings is also free, Craigslist is a great place to get a look at apartments, cars, or whatever else you're looking for before you call or e-mail. The service is great for bargain hunting, as well, as the cost-free nature of the site attracts many listings for free or low-cost items from people who just want to get rid of things. On any given day, Craigslist is likely Charleston's largest, most comprehensive listing of classifieds and we highly recommend it. requires you to pay for listings and generally charges extra for photos. Using the service is a bit of a mixed bag as it has some listings that you just won't find anywhere else, but their search and browsing tools are very cumbersome and there is no readily apparent way to tell if a listing is new or old. Generally, we recommend browsing through or listing on one of the other classified alternatives first.

Charleston City Paper's Classifieds Marketplace offers free online classifieds, as well, but the listings are relatively thin when compared with Craigslist or