Street Reach offers opportunity to those in need

What if tomorrow, all you had come to know was gone? Homeless, and left with a broken spirit; in search of a way out. Where would you turn? With open arms, Street Reach offers assistance to those in need; providing them with an opportunity to rebuild and better what they once had.

 Street Reach is a Christian organization that provides emergency services to the community. They operate a 130 bed facility in a safe and clean, environment. The center provides not only food and shelter, but also services such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation and basic life skills training. Street Reach provides assistance with finding work opportunities for those who need it. While they mostly help homeless people in the community, dinner is served daily for anyone in the community who is in need. Medical care is offered by The Little River Medical Center every Tuesday and Thursday.


Any individual, who is in need of a place to stay, may utilize Street Reach's Emergency Overnight Service (EOS) Program. This service provides an overnight stay and dinner, to any adult. Anyone looking to take advantage of this service must be checked in by 4 p.m. Identification and a shower after intake are required. Dinner is provided at 7 p.m. with faith-based services following at 7:30 p.m. Check out time is 6:45 a.m. the following morning.

While Street Reach offers a short-term fix with their EOS program their ultimate goal is to help those individuals reestablish themselves. The Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program is a 15 week commitment based off the 12-Step Spiritual Journey Program. After being accepted in the program, the participant goes on a journey of spiritual rebirth. Participants stay at the facility and are cared for, but they are required to attend classes and follow a set schedule. Upon graduation, those with jobs unable to afford permanent housing may participate in the Transitional Work Program and continue to stay at Street Reach for a reasonable $50 weekly charge.



Through the support and generosity of individuals and organizations, Street Reach opened the doors of their new location in July 2008 doubling their previous location's capacity. The upstairs of the new location has yet to be finished which would add an additional 10,000 square feet. Regardless of where or how someone arrives at Street Reach, they have no desire to turn away someone due to lack of space. This is their goal for the upcoming 2013 year, to finish this renovation before the cold weather sets in. Anyone who can donate constructions supplies or has experience with construction work and would like to donate their time can email Mike Owen directly.

Contributions are accepted for disposable plates, bowls, cups, plastic utensils, trash bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, salt, pepper, coffee and filters, creamer, bathroom tissue and paper towels. Cleaning products such as Pine Sol, bleach, laundry detergent, dish soap, Windex, Comet, and mop heads are needed. Gas cards, book bags, underwear and socks are also appreciated. No financial contribution is too small, and all are deeply appreciated. Please send donations to: 1005 Osceola Street, or P.O. Box 1075, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578.

Being a nonprofit organization, volunteers are always welcome at Street Reach to assist with a variety of things. If you are interested in opportunities to get involved, you may contact them by phone (843)626-3642 or email. For further information, visit their website or like them on Facebook.

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Editor's note: This article was produced by an Horry-Georgetown Technical College student enrolled in the ENG 155 class, led by Dean Blumberg, in partnership with TheDigitel Myrtle Beach to bring awareness to area non-profits while providing hands-on experience.