Christian license plates OK'd

Update 5:46 p.m. Saturday: The "I believe" plate story has made national news casts.

Original post: The "I believe" license plates will become law, and likely made.

Gov. Mark Sanford neither vetoed nor signed (meaning it will pass by default) a new law that offers a new special license plate to South Carolina drivers. This one would have a cross on top of a stained glass window, along with the words "I Believe."

The governor had commented earlier that he feared the plates would open the state to lawsuits. Florida tried to approve a similar license plate earlier this year, but that stirred up a lot of controversy in the Legislature there and was eventually dropped.

The American Jewish Congress had already sent Sanford a letter threatening a court challenge if the bill becomes law.

The governor had until midnight Wednesday to sign more than 40 bills into law. He had vetoed six.

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