Fee-for-service opportunity new for the Conway Rec Center

photo by flickr user familymwr

Until now, membership was required to use the facilities at the new Conway Recreation Center, but starting in 2012, they will open the use of some amenities and activities to non-members for a fee.

The Sun News has a full write-up on the costs. Some of the amenities that will open to the non-member public include the pool, indoor walking track, and basketball courts.  Activities include fitness and swim classes. 

To learn more about the fees associated with becoming a member of the Conway Recreation Center, click here.  For more information about the single-use opportunities and prices, give them a call at (843) 248-1740.

The Sun News also did a write-up about the sudden surge in fitness centers throughout the Grand Strand.  Check that out here for information on those options. 

With the work-out scene heating up in Myrtle Beach, you have to wonder if pricing is going to start getting very competitive among them.  While many of us make a New Year's resolution to get in better shape, now may not be the best time to sign a long-term contract at a gym or rec center.  Stay tuned.

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