Florence native Ms. South Carolina featured on CNN Health


Bree Boyce made headlines around the country this past July winning the title of Ms. South Carolina, but her win wasn't the story. The headlines were of her dramatic weight loss, done the right way with diet and exercise. 

Boyce a formerly weighing 234 pounds decided to change her lifestyle and better her health at the age of 17. 

Every day, Boyce wore a baggy T-shirt and a pair of faded, size 18 jeans to school. She ducked and dodged anytime someone tried to take her picture. She deflected attention from her weight by cracking jokes.

Five years later and 112 pounds lighter, Boyce is no longer the camera-shy girl hiding inside saggy, shapeless tees.

Boyce now spends her time as the reigning Ms. South Carolina educating kids on living a healthier lifestyle, traveling the state sharing her story and doing some exercises with the children of South Carolina. 

Good luck to Bree this January when she heads off to compete for the title of Ms. America. Watch CNN's feature below and hop on over and read their full write-up on Boyce

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