A Surgeon's Perspective On Non-Surgical, Minimally Invasive Treatment Options


Did you know the latest cutting edge technology in the field of healthcare actually requires no cutting at all?

The technology is called "Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy" (PRP) and is considered an emerging treatment in the field of orthobiologics.  PRP Therapy pairs the body's natural ability to heal itself with cutting edge medical technology - the result is a minimally invasive procedure that boasts better results, faster healing and affordable pricing.

Join us at 5:00 PM on May 24th as Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and founder of Charleston Sports Medicine, Dr. Bright McConnell, III, discusses the science and benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.  

The webinar is free and open to the public.  To log on and learn more about this topic, sign up for the webinar at www.charlestonsportsmed.com.

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