How To Make Hard Decisions

Sometimes we are unsure of ourselves. Other times we fool ourselves. And every once in a while we figure out how to make hard decisions.

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  • Are you hurt or are you injured?
    • Cause if you're hurt you can still play. Do the hard thing and suck it up.
  • Are you afraid or are you afraid you'll have to perform?
    • Cause if you are unsure that's a good thing. Do the hard thing and make the leap. 
  • Do you care or have you just not fired them yet?
    • Cause we all need someone to make us accountable. Do the hard thing and expect their best (and pay them for it).
  • Are you busy or are you working?
    • Cause passing time and being productive are different. Do the hard thing and move your business forward.
  • Is that a feel good decision or is that the right decision?
    • Cause making people feel warm & fuzzy is rarely what they need. Do the hard thing and make the tough decision.