Love Where You Work

How to Turn Apathetic Employees into Engaged Evangelists

Some people hate their jobs. They loathe getting up in the mornings and they’re out the door at 4:58 PM.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people live for their work. They get in early, they stay late, and they offer to help on projects that aren’t in their job description.

Most of the population falls in between these two extremes. If they get a better offer somewhere, they’ll entertain it, but it would have to be a significant improvement for them to leave their comfort zone.

Employees Perspective

When you’re in this “middle ground” as an employee, you start to get the feeling the person signing your paychecks doesn’t care about you. They just want you to show up, produce, and not bother them.

They don’t hate you, they just don’t have time for you. The only time you are recognized is when you do something wrong or it’s your birthday.

Employers Perspective

When you’ve grown a business to include anything more than just yourself, you can lose track of all the moving parts er, people. One day you look up and you’ve got a 10 person team with 7 figure projections.

You know you can offer more to your people, but you don’t know how. Meetings are a time-suck, and a pat on the back as you’re leaving for the day only goes so far with the new guy in Accounting.

But you want everyone to know how great of a job they’re doing….

Enter ONOR

ONOR is a team recognition platform that helps employers recognize their team’s efforts in the digital age. No more meetings with an award made on Microsoft Publisher five minutes prior.

ONOR lets you reward efforts with a few clicks of a button while opening up communication for the whole company through internal chats, trending topics, Slack (app) integration, and push notifications via email. 100% anonymous feedback and a Team Health indicator allow you to get a real pulse on what’s happening when you’re not around.

Now instead of hoping your people know they’re appreciated, you can guarantee it. Try ONOR for free today at