beads and pigment on jersey

Invisible Labors Art Exhibition

New Works by Camela Guevara

October 25, 2013

Christophe Chocolatier

90 Society Street


Charleston, SC - Camela Guevara presents Invisible Labors, an exhibition at Christophe Chocolatier for one night only. It will be a local preview of her exhibition on, which opens October 29. BuySomeDamnArt is online gallery curated by Brooklyn-based blogger and art-lover Kate Singleton.

Invisible Labors is a continued exploration of traditional methods of adornment and the distillation of embellishment to the simplest forms. Guevara Guevara's work comes from a compulsion to keep her hands busy, yet creates stillness in the mind through the process. She has a fascination with tedious work and the beautiful things that result.

Guevara creates these works by stretching the surface with a tan jersey material, and adding dye pigment, forcing the artist to accept randomness and surrender control as it expands and grows, after which she adds embellishment with beads influenced by the halted movement.

Camela Guevara is a Redux Studio Artist and Seamstress at the Charleston Garment Manufactory. She enjoys sewing tiny beads on fabric and sewing thoughtful garments. She is a founding member of the One Love Design House, that seeks to change the way fashion is consumed and produced in Charleston, SC. She is also a founding member of Charleston Supported Art, an organization that seeks to directly connect artists to patrons through the agricultural CSA model. She is one half of the fashion and music blog,