Another committee formed to tackle 501 eyesore

Trish Blevins

As we reported over a year ago (see below), the Keep Horry County Beautiful committee was established to clean up the litter and landscaping on 501. Now the Highway 501 Corridor Committee aims to address the other issues.

While KHCB, a Keep South Carolina Beautfiul affiliate, has made some improvements to the common areas, the issue still remains with the private land and businesses that flank the corridor that carries most tourists into downtown Myrtle Beach. 

As a result, another committee has been formed called the Highway 501 Corridor Committee that was established to set appearance standards for any new businesses that move into what has been designated as the Highway 501 Overlay Zone. The Sun News has more details here.

Update September 13, 2011: On today's WRNN morning talk show, hosts Dave Priest and Tara Servatius discussed this topic and asked for feedback.

It seems a lot of folks feel like litter isn't as big of a problem as the prominent strip clubs between Conway and downtown Myrtle Beach. Read the Facebook post and community responses.

First Report: A lot of locals complain about the appearance of 501 as it approaches the city limits of Myrtle Beach. 

Keep Horry County Beautiful Committee was created earlier this year to address the litter and landscaping after the Horry County Council couldn't find an independent 3rd party organization to take the hospitality tax funds. The Sun News has more details about the effort. Read it here.

More details about the Keep Horry County Beautiful Committee can be found here. (PDF) or below: