Digging once again in hopes of finding old city wall (updated)

Image by Walled City Task ForceImage by 20090602-dig.jpg Vanderhorst's North Row, from the 1884 Sanborn Insurance Map, this is where folks are hoping remnants of the old wall might be found.

Update June 17:

It is two weeks into the dig, and archaeologists have already found most of the major structures they were searching for.

The Post and Courier has the full story on the amazing finds involved with this downtown dig.

First reporting:

College of Charleston archaeology students, Charleston Museum staff, and archaeologists have begun digging on the corner of East Bay Street and South Adgers Wharf in hopes of unearthing a large chunk of Charleston's historic city wall not seen for two centuries.


[gmap markers=blue::32.77517843192112,-79.92708206176758 |zoom=15 |center=32.7758008662042,-79.92768287658691 |width=220px |height=200px |control=Small |type=Map]

So far, the dig, which began Monday, June 1, has uncovered an old tenement building which is thought to be Vanderhorst's North Row. As the dig goes deeper and expands, the ultimate goal is to uncover one of the wall's redans; a V-shaped fortification built in the direction of an expected attack.

The public is invited to drop by and check out the ongoing work, which will take place from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. weekdays.

For more on the dig and some interesting history on the city, head over to The Post and Courier. You can also follow the action by keeping up with the Walled City Task Force Weblog.