C of C's Halsey Institute gets award for book on Aldwyth art exhibit

Remember the one-woman show by South Carolina 73-year old, somewhat reclusive artist Aldwyth? Well the College of Charleston's Halsey Institute not only put her work on display but published an exhibit book. 

And for their efforts they've been honored in the 26th Annual Mary Ellen LoPresti Award for outstanding 2009 exhibition catalog. 

The formal name of the 112 page book is "Aldwyth: work v. / work n. – Collage and Assemblage 1991 – 2009" and is available online for $30

The full-color catalogue was designed by Chalreston-area designer Gil Shuler of Gil Shuler Graphic Design and includes some forty reproductions of Aldwyth’s two and three-dimensional work, a detailed appendix written by the artist, and essays.

If you missed the exhibit you can relive much of it in photo and video on the Halsey's web page.

The Halsey previously won the award in 2007 for their efforts connected to Force of Nature: Site Installations by Ten Japanese Artists.

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