Preservationists hope recent exposure, documentation can save Castle Pinckney

Image by Wikipedia A view of Castle Pinckney from 1861

Nearly two weeks ago, controlled burns were set to better preserve and document Castle Pinckney, the historic fort which has rested in the Charleston Harbor for over two centuries.

Now that the a significant amount of vegetation has been cleared from the fort, National Park Service architects are collecting between 150 million and 200 million electronic measurements of one of Charleston's most neglected historic sites.

Time is not on Castle Pinckney's side, and the funds needed to restore the structure are nonexistent. The hope is that the documentation being done this week will bring new life and attention to the site and perhaps a new owner. The fort is currently owned by the State Port Authority which lacks the funds necessary for proper preservation efforts.

The Post and Courier has an article on the work being done by the National Parks Service out at Castle Pinckney; read it here.

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