Recovered Charleston slave tags being sold on eBay

A relic hunter uncovered several Charleston slave badges that were once buried in the soil under Buist Academy in downtown Charleston. They're now for sale on eBay.

Live 5 News writes, in part:

"Those slave tags may have been a relic of that use of this property," Dr. Nic Butler said."Those are people who worked in and around the market and this was their parking lot and staging ground."

That could explain the variety of occupations displayed on the badges from mechanic, servant, even a slave who sold fruit. That fruiterer badge was valued at $10,000 on eBay. 

According to the investigation, the earth removed for the Buist Academy Foundation work was hauled to private property where the relic hunter used a metal detector.  

Check out the auction for one here and check out Live 5 News' video report here.

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