Special online exhibit explores post-Civil War Charleston in 3-D

Image by S.C. State Museum A 3-D rendering of the Mills House circa 1865

'The Civil War in 3-D: The State Museum's Stereoscopic Collection,' a brand new online exhibit "opened" on Monday and depicts post-Civil War images of Charleston, Beaufort, and surrounding forts in you guessed it - three dimensions.

The web project was completed by Buff Ross, owner of Alloneword Design in conjunction with the State Museum in Columbia. The exhibit has 53 images that date from 1865-66, the years immediately following the end of the Civil War. The images, when paired with 3-D anaglyph glasses, immerse the viewer in both destruction and history.

The Post and Courier has an in-depth piece on the exhibit with plenty of background on Ross' technique and the history of both 3-D imagery and the Civil War.

To take a look at the incredible photographs in 2 or 3 dimensions, hop over to the  S.C. State Museum's online exhibit. For those of us who don't have 3-D glasses laying around, a cheap option is to get this $.60 pair online.

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