State universities uncover Confederate naval artifacts

Image by USCImage by 20090605-usc.jpg Underwater archaeologist Christopher Amer (left) and archaeological assistant Joe Beatty carry an artillery shell from a Confederate Brooke rifled cannon recovered from the Pee Dee River.

Archaeologists have uncovered ceramics, glass, and tools that students found while mapping an old Confederate naval yard along the Pee Dee River.

From a release:

Archaeologists from the University of South Carolina and East Carolina University have located two large cannon from a sunken Confederate gunboat in the Pee Dee River and have identified where the Mars Bluff Naval Yard once stood on the east side of the river in Marion County.

To read about the findings and what is next for the archaeological team, check out this news release.

The items should go on display this fall.

Update June 6: SCNow has some additional details and a short video.

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