A gander at the business side of community-supported agriculture

Image by Flickr user Carly & Art

Community-supported agriculture, aka CSAs, are all the rage in those that love local, fresh, and often organic fruits and vegetables.

We know them best from the consumer side: You drop your cash at the start of the season and get your box of veggies and fruits each week and adjust your house menu according to what's in the box.

But as you'd guess, this resurrected trend is having quite the impact on area farmers that not only have to adjust their distribution but see more cash flow, earlier in the season. It's not only tasty business, it's good business.

And so I appreciated Ashley Fletcher Frampton's piece at the Charleston Regional Business Journal about the business side and how it's quickly becoming a game changer; take a read here.

If you want to buy into one, you may have missed this season, but here's a list of who does them locally, and don't forget our CSA topic page.