#MYR Start-ups: CarBounce.com revs up

CarBounce.com is a web application designed to help you keep ongoing tabs of the current value of your car and how much you owe on your loan. Using this information, car owners can determine the optimal time to buy and sell their vehicles.

CarBounce will also tell you when the best time to trade your gas guzzler in for a more fuel efficient vehicle when the cost of gas starts outpacing your car payment or when the best time might be to pay off your loan completely.

Recently, CarBounce was featured on the highly popular KillerStartups.com. The whole thing was built from the ground up by local software developer, Trent Richardson. Trent has been an active contributor to the open source code community and his technologies have been used in numerous other products all over the world. To kick off the launch of CarBounce, Trent is giving away t-shirts to anyone that signs up for CarBounce and gives him feedback. Details are here. 

Most people don't know about the active local tech entrepreneur culture in the Myrtle Beach area. While it may be only a handful of locals that currently make up the scene, it's growing rapidly as people find and support each other's efforts. If you'd like to support this activity, share this story to anyone that may be interested and take a few minutes to check out what these motivated folks are building in your backyard.

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