Spirit Airlines adding new "taxes" that match discount (Update: Customers getting discounts, display issue)

The above screen shot is of when we tried the discount/no discount and the results were the same....

Update 9/11/12 1:00pm: We have been contacted by Spirit Airlines and they have assured us that customers are getting their discounts.

The issue, it seems, is a display one with their website. Upon further test bookings of flights we see that in the area of the total, showing the complete cost of the transaction, the discounted price is applied and it is cheaper with the discount.  

It is a rather unfortunate display issue and one that could make quite a few customers upset. We appreciate Spirit Air for contacting us and setting the record straight, we just wish they had a direct line with a representative at their home office to avoid issues like this. 

First Report 9/11/12 9:30am: Miramar, Florida based Spirit Airlines has made some headlines recently due them facing a class action lawsuit "over 'unconscionable' fees" but one Digitel reader uncovered another deceptive business practice. 

Spirit is known for their "ultra-low" fees but also for their dozens of add on fees that include any baggage and fuel. The lawsuit that is pending centers around their "passenger usage fee" a fee that is buried in the Government taxes section making customers think it is a legitimate tax and not just a fee aimed at giving Spirit more money. 

We were notified by a reader of another "tax" that Spirit is leveling on their customers whenever they use their advertised 7.5% off discount code, a tax that isn't there when you don't use a discount code. Discounts are just that, right? You get a discount and you get money off, but not so fast with Spirit Airlines. 

When you apply the discount to your flight the amount is taken off and labeled discount; however, when you look under the "Government Cut" section a new "tax" is added that is suspiciously called 7.5001 and the amount of the "tax" is the exact same amount as the discount given. 

We tried to call Spirit Airlines this morning with no luck. First calling their 800 number and trying to no avail explain the situation with who I assume to be a very nice Indian woman halfway around the world. After explaining the discount and added tax three or four times, she finally gave up and said she didn't understand what I was saying. I asked if there was a home office number I could call and talk with someone and she bluntly said no and directed me to their help section on the Spirit website. 

A few seconds on Google I found their home office number (954.447.7965) but every promising sounding number prompt lead me to a message to go online to their help section and then the phone was disconnected. 

Our reader sent us screen shots (below) of what was happening and I logged in with my Spirit Air account to test it myself and the mystery "tax" appeared for me too after I applied the discount. 

We'll let you know if anyone from Spirit decides to answer the phone or contacts us. 

Read more about the lawsuit here.


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