Economic slump hits F&B workers hard

Restaurant workers say they are seeing a decrease in the amount of tips that customers leave on the table. For employees who earn a wage of $2 or so an hour and rely on gratuity to get by, that means real trouble. Live 5 reports:

Servers like Amanda (Seagraves) say for a bill of $20, people used to leave in the 18-20% range. Now they're leaving less, and while tips are lacking, she says it's been busier than ever.

Her solution: Don't wait for the economy to improve, but give customers a good experience. Seagraves just hopes they'll remember that when they're paying the bill.

And it's not just in Charleston that food and bev workers are seeing this trend. The York Daily Record in Pennsylvania, KIDK in Idaho, and NBC 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, are all reporting the same trend of decreased tips in their respective areas.

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