Grand Strand publications grab numerous SCPA awards

The South Carolina Press Assocation held their annual meeting this weekend which included an awards ceremony where both The Sun News and Waccamaw Publishers got some well-deserved recognition. 

The Sun News pulled in 14 first place awards, 6 second place, 5 third place, and an honorable mention. You can read the specifics here. Waccamaw publishers received 37 awards of various placements for their variety of weekly publications including two "excellence" awards. They tooted their horn on Facebook.

What about TheDigitel? Well, the South Carolina Press Association doesn't recognize lowly bloggers like us. Despite having over 11 awards categories that recognize online efforts in websites and social media, we simply don't qualify to be a member of SCPA. (It's also a bit ironic they used WordPress, a popular blogging platform, to publish their awards results.) To be fair, television and radio outletsaren't qualified to participate, either.

But the truth is– we're OK with that.

We don't pretend to be anything more than a website that happens to be the best way to find all of the great work that these award winners produce and present it in an online-friendly way. We are thankful and appreciative to work alongside such talented editors, writers and photographers.

Congratulations everyone!

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