Reports of aggressive door-to-door children's book and software sellers in Pee Dee area (CHS too)

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Update August 30: The Post and Courier is reporting the same activity of mid-20's sales people that appear to be of an European origin aggressively approaching homes in the Charleston area, too; read more here.

Since our first report, the Facebook post we referred to has grown to nearly 100 comments. 

First Report: Numerous reports of aggressive sales representatives at the homes of Pee Dee residents have linked the incidents with The Southwestern Company

Southwestern has an allegedly checkered past of hiring foreign exchange students to sell the company's book and software products.

Many Pee Dee area residents shared similar reports on this comment thread on WBTW's Facebook wall. Earlier this year, USA Today reported on Southwestern and their business strategy which essentially sells products to the students to be re-sold. Read more here.

With the end of summer approaching, it's possible students have their money tied up in unsold product and have become more aggressive at getting their money back. The site offers advice on how students can get out of the program and shares bad experiences of dealing with Southwestern.

According to Wikipedia, sales tactics taught to the contractors include asking about small children in the home. This has roused suspicion and concern with many local residents. In about two hours, the Facebook comment thread had already grown to over 70 comments. Most of the reports have been in the Florence area but with so many foreign exchange students in Myrtle Beach, it's very possible there are Southwestern sales students nearby. 

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