McLeod Plantation may finally find a home in Charleston County parks (update: sold!)

Image by Library of Congress

Update February 26: As promised, The Post and Courier has published a fuller report about the deal and what's next.

Red that here.

Update February 25: The Post and Courier reports this afternoon that the Historic Charleston Foundation has sold McLeod Plantation to the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission for $3.3 million.

There's only a brief in today's edition sale, but The Post and Courier promises more on the deal tomorrow.

Update, December 14: According to a report in The Post and Courier the deal looks to be moving ahead well, even if it's not set to close until after the new year.

The paper has a status report and has begun mapping out the $6 million purchase and stabilization project; take a read here.

First reporting, October 22: After spinning around and around on the wheel of owners and prospective owners,* the Historic Charleston Foundation may have finally found a permanent buyer of the historic McLeod Plantation on James Island: the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission.

According to The Post and Courier, the group's proposal has been accepted by the foundation and the two are due to enter negotiations with the park commission being willing to spend a couple million to stabilize the plantation if the deal succeeds.

Take a read of the paper's report here.

The park commission received widespread support in its proposal, from the The Friends of McLeod group, to S.C. Senator Glenn McConnell, to the James Island Mayor Woolsey.

The paper was promising a longer edition of the story this morning, but I've yet to see it online and the current reporting seems fairly substantive.

*Those are: The American College of the Building Arts, Town of James Island, College of Charleston.