After the Great Recession, downtown Charleston development on verge of return

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel Spots like the old Charleston County Library have become emblems of downtown's stalled redevelopment. The demolition of the library for a hotel has been caught up in legal battles.

Wasn't the old Federal Building supposed to be some big hotel? Ever wonder what happened to any of those other proposed big downtown developments that were all the rage before the recession?

The Concord Park development near the aquarium has been moving along and word has come along that a new hotel is breaking ground on upper Meeting Street, and as for all the rest: The Post and Courier has once again checked in for a status update 

All in all, it sounds like the biggest boom times since 2008. 

Check out the paper's round out report over here — at the bottom of the story the paper revisits a list done in 2007 about all the prospective downtown developments and updates on where they stand today (hint: many are restarted today, but on a less grand scale.)

Sadly, however, some projects like the long envisioned redo of the Millennium Music building are still stalled, and the long-promised re-imagining of the neck that was the Magnolia Project is on life support.