Google's Charleston-area data center bulging, expanding to third building

Image by TheDigitel From the October 2008 opening.

Updates are at the bottom:

It wasn't long after Google opened a Charleston-area data facility in rural Berkeley County that the recession took firm hold.

Google then pulled back on construction plans here and across the country -- it was anyone's guess as to how long it would take for the company to fill up its first local data center building, much less need a planned second one.

Turns out the answer was two years. 

The company has announced that construction will resume on the 500-acre site next year.

For details check out Katy Stech's report at The Post and Courier.

Oh and for all you data center pros, they're hiring locally and are looking for a Data Center Environmental and Safety Technician, a Data Center Facilities Manager, and a Hardware Operations Manager; details here.

Update January 18: Google announced today that construction on third data center in Berkeley County will soon be underway. The project is going to be a reported $600 million undertaking.

With the new data center will come additional jobs as well. The company already employs around 150 people between its two data centers.