As tenant ditches Majestic Square, Saks Fifth Avenue closure cited

Image by Flickr user hankjames215

There's commercial lease dustup underway at the building that formerly housed the Charleston Saks Fifth Avenue.

No, it's not Forever 21, it's Bella Vista Bridal & Wedding Boutique that signed a multi-year lease just before Saks announced they would leave and now Bella Vista's owner says they were deceived by a promise that Saks wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

The Post and Courier has a brief report on the legal action underway; read it here.

Bella Vista is now at 60 Calhoun Street, the space that formerly housed Kennedy's Bakery that closed in late 2009. The rent back then was in the $3-4K range, so you can imagine what Bela Vista was paying before (yes, there's square footage and other differences, take that with a lot of salt.)