Charleston's cruise ship industry key to tourism, but not everyone's happy (update: contines)

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Updates at the bottom; First reporting September 5:

The rising profile of Charleston's cruise ship industry has been in the headlines recently, and with that The Post and Courier has taken a look at what all those ships, workers, and tourists mean for the Holy City.

As we've been told before, dropping thousands of folks off in town can be very good for local restaurants and tourist attractions, but not everyone is happy, like locals, and shops not visited by tourists who see their regulars driven away by the large tourist crowds and accompanying car traffic.

Read the paper's report over here.

Update October 3: The debate is continuing with the focus shifting to how many dollars cruise ship tourists bring in versus tourists that are focused on just visiting Charleston (hint: the later brings in more), and if cruise ship tourist crowd out regular tourist.

Read about the latest turn at The Post and Courier.

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