South Carolina once again has cheapest gas in nation

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South Carolina has the lowest gas prices in the nation according to AAA Carolinas, with the average price per gallon hovering at $2.33 -- the national average was $2.83.

Read more stories on this subject in our gas prices topic page.On Tuesday, users of the Web site were pointing out the lowest prices in the state in Greenville at $2.17 per gallon, and the highest were in Myrtle Beach at $2.45 a gallon. The lowest prices reported for Charleston were $2.27.

Why's our gas so cheap? In large part it's thank to our state having the fifth lowest gas tax in the nation at 16.8¢ a gallon. -- New Jersey, Wyoming, Georgia (who recently cut their tax), and Alaska are the only states with a lower gas tax than South Carolina.

South Carolina's gas tax is 10¢ below the national average.

Still, the cost per gallon in South Carolina is up seven cents from a week ago and 43 cents from a month ago -- but that's down from $3.79 on June 2, 2008, according to AAA Carolinas.

You can keep an eye on gas price trends with this chart.

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