'Bluewater' unveiled: Russian company expanding former Shell plant

The mysterious $55 million "Project Bluewater" has been unveiled: The former Shell Lubricants plant will have $55 million invested in it and add 160 people to its existing 15.

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The Russian-owned Delfin Group bought the Shell Lubricants plant in North Charleston back in January for $20 million. The facility was 11 buildings housing 291,362-square-feet of space.

A Delfin Group USA vice president, Tony Williams, remarked at the time of purchase: "I can honestly say that in 30 years of looking at facilities for sale, I’ve only seen one I thought was better, and that was several years ago in Antwerp, Belgium, and largely due to the fact that logistics in Northern Europe are so phenomenal."

A couple of write-ups out there on the announcement, but I suggest the Charleston Regional Business Journal's.

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