Charleston Regional Business Journal being sold to new owner

Update November 25: The Charleston Regional Business Journal has a new owner as do several other of its affiliated publications in the state.

The new owner is SC Business Publications LLC, which itself appears to be a new company as any online filling info has proved elusive. 

The Journal has some details in this press-release like report.

The publications sold include, the "Charleston Regional Business JournalGSA Business, the Columbia Regional Business ReportSCBIZ magazine and other business related publications, events and websites."

First reporting, May 3: If I'm interpreting the announcement right, the Charleston Regional Business Journal is set to be sold to a new owner.

The business journal has been owned by SC Biz News LLC, which was in turn owned by Brown Media Holdings. And over the weekend Brown Media filled for bankruptcy protection and has reached a deal for three S.C. business papers (likely the Regional Business Journal, the Columbia Regional Business Report, and GSA Business) to be bought by the unnamed bidder. 

What's it mean? Translation: Not too much at this point. There's always the chance of a change in direction with a new owner, but with a buyer seemingly in place it doesn't look like the Charleston Regional Business Journal is going out of print any time soon.

You can checkout the announcement for yourself over here.

It looks like revenue has been strong at the local papers, but that debt may have been overwhelming the parent company.

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