Efforts for fire sprinklers fall short at the local level

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Update December 21: The State reports that Columbia is the first city to offer tax incentives to encourage local businesses to install sprinklers.

The unanimously approved measure will refund businesses 25% of the sprinkler systems, the state will also refund 25% -- effectively it's a 50% discount on the price of the systems that can easily cost thousands for a simple home.

First reporting: Months after the Legislature forced a bill offering tax incentives to encourage businesses to install fire-suppression sprinklers, no sprinklers are getting put in. Why? The law requires that local government enact the ordinance -- and share the cost of the tax break.

And with all the budget cuts going on, no one want to reduce budget intake.

Go read all about it at The Post and Courier.

A lack of a sprinkler system was cited as a partial cause of the fatal Sofa Super Store fire.

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