First North Charleston made Boeing 787 booked for sale to Air India

Image by Boeing

To be completed and sold in the spring, the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner to roll out of the North Charleston assembly line is due to be picked up by Air India.

Earlier this week the company announced that its first South Carolina-built 787 put weight on wheels for the first time.

"Our Boeing South Carolina team has achieved another significant milestone, putting weight on wheels," said Jack Jones, Boeing South Carolina vice president and general manager. "This is a result of both great local talent and dedication and talent and knowledge assembled from across Boeing Commercial Airplanes."

The airplane moved on its landing gear, via tug, to the next production position where electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems installation and testing will continue over the next several weeks. Installation of the airplane's engines and interior will begin soon.

"To achieve weight on wheels just 24 months after breaking ground on this new facility is incredible," said Marco Cavazzoni, Boeing South Carolina Final Assembly and Delivery vice president and general manager.

The North Charleston assembly plant is aiming to hit three 787s per month in addition to the Washington line's production for a total of 10 month.

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