Gas prices down in Charleston ... and everyone's mum?

Image by Gas graph by Gas Buddy, image by Flickr user futureatlas.comImage by 20080816gasdown.jpg Cheaper and deceptively cheap.

NBC News 2 writes about how it's odd that gas prices are dropping and the media is quiet. (Prices are down some 40 cents in Charleston) He says it isn't because the media's left-wing and sinister, but simply because the story isn't sexy enough. We agree and disagree: The dip was expected.

Wait, before you think, "Whoa. All this hype about high gas prices and you expect me to believe that lower prices were expected!?!"

Yes, I do. Every year in August gas prices drop dramatically as the summer demand for fuel drops off (and it doesn't hurt that folks have been driving less), just check out the graph below.

Gas graph of charleston
See how every year in August they drop?

What is interesting is how the "lows" of today still best the record-highs of Katrina.

Youch. Cheaper, but far from cheap.

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