Long-standing Chesterfield Inn to be replaced (Update: Demolished)


Update August 23, 2012:  The Chesterfield Inn is no longer.  Yesterday the historic hotel was demolished.

Despite having a long, rich, 66 year stay here on the Grand Strand, the hotel became "something somebody wanted to look at but not stay in" according to this Sun News story, which also includes a video.

Update August 5, 2012: Demolition begins this week. 

The Sun News reports the 36-hole mini-golf course will be open next spring. Read more details here. 

First Report: The Chesterfield Inn, one of the last few remaining icons of "old Myrtle Beach", is scheduled to be replaced by a restaurant and mini-golf course. 

According to The Sun News, the historic landmark will be demolished in short order and the new attractions will be ready sometime in early 2013. Read all the details here.

Wikipedia actually has a decent recounting of the Chesterfield history. It was interesting to note that the Chesterfield had been foreclosed upon at one time before the current owners, the Mitchell family, took it over in 2004. Some perspective that's missing from the text however is just what a significant role the Chesterfield Inn played in Myrtle Beach's explosive growth from a dirt road town to a popular resort while making local millionaires in the process.  

The official National Register of Historic Places filing below goes into great detail about the history of Myrtle Beach and the role the Chesterfield Inn played during its time.

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