Myrtle Beach raising meter rates (Update: All street-end meters)

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Update 2/29/2012: The City of Myrtle Beach has passed the 25¢ increase for all street-end meters. WBTW has more details.

Update 2/27/2012: The Sun News has published a breaking news brief that Myrtle Beach is considering the the recently approved parking meter increase to be given across the board.

This is different in the previous report (below) that said the 25¢ meter increases would only apply in the DRC district. The Sun News brief is here and we expect an update after tomorrow's council meeting. In the meantime, you can read when the meters will be installed for 2012.

Update 2/15/2012: The City approved the meter hike but only for meters in the DRC district.

This approval brings multi-tiered pricing for parking meters based on where they are located. Which means, depending on where you park in the City of Myrtle Beach, it can cost as little as 75¢ per hour all the way up to $1.50. WBTW has more details.  Of course, City of Myrtle Beach residents can register for free parking decals. The City mails the permit applications to residents each year. The decals are good for 2 years and waive parking at meters, the Pavilion Parking Garage and the Convention Center. WBTW has more on that too.

First Report: The Myrtle Beach DRC is messing around with the parking meters in the City of Myrtle Beach. Again. 

This time it isn't dealing with technical glitches. The DRC wants the Myrtle Beach City Council to increase the rates of the parking meters by another 25¢ per hour. The plan for the new revenue is to fund downtown redevelopment but the DRC says the money would be managed by the CIty of Myrtle Beach. Downtown business owners aren't super thrilled about it. Find out what they have to say in the WMBF report here.

The Town of Surfside is contemplating putting meters in their oceanfront areas as well. Read more here.

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