Next month's East Coast Tattour canceled, Ink Life tour won't be back either

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July 27th through the 29th was supposed to have Myrtle Beach see it's second tattooing tour, but that event has been canceled. 

The 2012 East Coast Tattour kicked off June 13th in Laconia, NH and was scheduled to hit six cities total through out the summer but according to The Sun News, East Coast Tattour promoter Jackey Dowd was arrested for allegedly not paying $30,000 in hall and rental charges. 

Additionally, the first ever tattoo show in South Carolina, the Ink Life tour, that was successful last year will not be back due to state laws

via The Sun News:

Temporary tattoo shows in South Carolina have to follow the same rules as permanent tattoo shops, which created mounds of paperwork for last year’s tattoo show. The state also required that the vendors that sold T-shirts, tattoo supplies and other items be separate from the tattoo artists, so the vendors didn’t get as much traffic as they do at other shows

So much for tattoo tourism I suppose. Hop on over to The Sun News for the skinny.

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