Port access road still needs $100M

Image by State Ports AuthorityImage by 20080726port.jpg Despite a lot of opposition to the Port of Charleston expansion, there doesn't seem to be anything stopping it from moving forward.

A planned access road for the Port of Charleston Navy Base Terminal in North Charleston is about $100 million short of the four-lane route's price tag. The total cost for the project is $282 million, but port officials say they're not worried and that the money will turn up.

Some are wondering, though, why the road project is so expensive. The reason given for that is because the access road has to be elevated. Other residents, meanwhile, simply hope that the road never gets built. In case you weren't watching, there was a big debate last year about the access road, and nobody wants it in their back yard.

From ABC News 4:

Dorothy Johnson has lived in Rosemont for nearly 70 years. I-26 already runs through her front yard, but now she's worried about a port access road inching even closer.

"They're gonna do what they want to do, no matter what we want. We're just here, that's it," said Johnson.


"I hope they never get it. I hope they never get it," said Johnson.

Apparently the controversy hasn't died down too much, though there's little to stop the access road from being built at this point.

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