As South Carolina's unemployment continues to rise, Charleston's edges down

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While South Carolina’s unemployment rate continued its unpleasant increases, the Charleston metro area was singing a happier tune.

Overall the state went from 10.5% in June to 10.9% in July, according to a news release from the SC Department of Employment and Workforce. But the Charleston metro improved from 9.8% to 9.5% for the same time period.

Blamed for the statewide decrease is a combination of a higher number of people seeking work and a decrease in jobs leading to an increase of 10,000 more employed persons. However, the July nonfarm payroll employment fell by 7,200, a decline  far less than the usual June-to-July average loss of 18,000.

However, the total July 2011 jobs count is 24,600 higher than a year ago. Private, non-governmental jobs had an over-the-month increase of 6,400 and are above a year ago by 38,000. Only two industry sectors reported decreases in July. Government registered the sharpest decline at 13,600, while Financial Activities saw a modest decrease of 200.

Employment expansions in several industry sectors helped to temper the declines. With retailers making an early push on back-to-school sales and with the tourist season in full swing, the largest gains were reported in Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (+1,700) and Leisure and Hospitality (+1,400). Education and Health Services also reported a healthy gain of 1,300. 

Local counties

  • Dorchester County tied for the fourth lowest in the state at 9.2% (was 9.3%)
  • Charleston County tied for the sixth lowest in the state at 9.3% (was 9.6%)
  • Charleston County tied for the 11th lowest in the state at 10.3% (was 10.5%)

You can read loads of details in the data release over here.

To keep up with the ever-changing unemployment statistics in the area, take at look at our topic page.

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