The state of gas in the Lowcountry

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Note: Latest updates at the bottom.

First the bad news: Reports are coming in that many gas stations are running short on gas.

The good news: New shipments of gas are on their way as refineries and pipelines are coming back online, and the rush on the pumps has subsided.

The mixed: Oil fell well below the $100 a barrel mark, but that's only because investors are afraid demand will slack off as the economy slows.

Here's a bunch of links to local bike shops, I think your wallet asked for it.

Update September 16: South Carolina has received some 3,000 complaints of gasoline price gouging, though none have been verified as actual gouging yet. But in North Carolina, several gas stations are being asked to explain why some charged upwards of $7 a gallon.

Governor Mark Sanford is also asking state agencies to limit non-essential travel until the situation eases.

And in a sine of hope The State notes that we in the Lowcountry are actually helping ease the situation in the Midlands:
Buck Sprott of the Columbia-based Corner Pantry chain said he was getting about five truckloads a day from Charleston, which gets fuel supplies from cargo ships. Sprott said he usually gets 20 truckloads a day for the 80 stations his company serves.

Update September 17: The Post and Courier reports that at least one gas station in Colleton County has been subpoenaed for possible price gouging.

And if you're wondering why the price of gas is going up since the gas in the ground was there before the Texan storm: It seems the price has little to do with demand at the station, but more to do with what gas station chains will be paying for the gas coming in during the coming weeks.

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