Three years on, DuPont's $500 million Kevlar plant opens

Image by Michael T. Gams/USMC Marine Corps Sergeant Mark Dean and Major Trent A. Gibson sort out the pieces of a Kevlar helmet used to help absorb the blast of a grenade.

(Update: The Post and Courier has followed up with a better report — I've changed the link bellow.)

It was April 2008 when the DuPont company broke ground for a $500 million Kevlar plant on the Cooper River between Goose Creek and Moncks Corner.

The plant is now done and expected to start supplying customers by the end of the year — while employing some 140.

The Post and Courier has a report on the opening of the plant (read that here) and a profile of the plant plans from back in 2008 (read that here.)

Worth reminding is that the plant was built on the former Dean Hall Plantation and many slave artifacts were uncovered during construction.

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