We really made the news this time. Oh, and we're expanding to another city.

Image by Flickr user smellyknee Image by 20091105-world.jpg And next ... the world.

Sure, we've made the news in the past, but that was more due to our entrepreneurial spirit and less because we were rocking any socks in the media world. 

But not this time.

We've landed an investment from Palmetto Investments & Exchange Group and will soon be expanding to another city.

So it's that announcement of finding success in our "context aggregation" that landed us in TechJournal South, the Charleston Regional Business Journal, and MediaShift.

But what you're probably interested in is the second part of the headline, the bit about "expanding to another city."

We haven't made up our mind yet, but we're hoping you can help us decide by voting for the next city.

Go on and vote in our city search.

p.s. If you'd like to learn a bit more about what we're trying to accomplish, I'd suggest any of those articles above, especially the MediaShift one.

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