Photographer's naked photo shoot at Angel Oak prompts sirens (update: photos)

Image by TheDigitel

Update May 28: Photographer Jack Gescheidt has published a few of his photos from that controversial day.

You can see them over on his site, but as you might expect they're not safe for work viewing, but by the same not they're hardly graphic and you'd see more private parts watching  a few hours of HBO.

Check them out here.

A hat tip to the Charleston City Paper for spotting this.

First reporting May 15: Controversy erupted over at the historic Angel Oak tree on James Island this Saturday when photographer Jack Gescheidt came to work on a project.

His work, TreeSpirit Project, involves photographing people around trees — photographed naked, of course. 

I'll go ahead and shoot you over to The Post and Courier for the curious (and nudity-free) feature story; read it here.