Eleven million and counting: The Charleston area's likely tracking your license plate

Image by Adrian Pingstone A pair of fixed-view security cameras with lights.

There's an interesting report over at The Post and Courier about the growing database of a Charleston-area license plate surveillance camera system.

The data is collected in part by two cameras mounted in the region and partly by cameras installed in moving vehicles (like cop cars) and is fueled by federal grants. With a collection of some 11 million images, the ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition) program is seeing some results.

And surprisingly little privacy protests — then again, the tech has been floating around since the early '80s in one form or another.

Take a read of the paper's report over here.

This is the first I'm hearing of this particular project in Charleston, but it's certainly not the first news of automated camera surveillance in the area. For loads of surveillance camera back coverage, check out our topic page.