Grease thieves siphoning away thousands in profit from local restaurants

Image by Flickr user nchoz

Grease thieves are becoming quite the problem in the Charleston area.

That's right, a grease thieves. A man or woman with an unmarked truck with a tank on board, siphoning off used cooking oil from restaurants in the dead of night. Lured by the easy profit of grease-recycling, these grease pirates have jacked an estimated 30 to 40 percent of collections from one local collector in the past year.

According to The Post and Courier, the problem has become so severe that the Hospitality Association of South Carolina is issuing words of warning to its members in their upcoming newsletter.

Whether the grease thieves are selling off their bounty or using it for their own personal needs, its a real problem. Both restaurants and local collectors are being robbed of thousands of dollars a year.

The Post and Courier has the intriguing report; read it here.

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