Louis 'Skip' ReVille indicted on 22 counts (Update: Sentenced to 50 years in prison)

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After breaking late last year, news that youth coach and leader Louis “Skip” ReVille had sexual contact with boys in his care has caused no shortage of ripples throughout the community.

And on Tuesday, ReVille was formally indicted on 22 charges.

5 counts of criminal sexual contact with a child, 12 counts of performing lewd acts on a child, and 5 counts of dissemination of obscene material to a person under 18.

Many reports abound, but the more easily read comes by way of the Mt. Pleasant Patch; read it here.

The Post and Courier also has a report, notable for it's section at the end that points out Pinewood Preparatory School has responded to (and vehemently denied) a second case alleging the school covered up knowledge of ReVille's actions.

Update March 19: There will be an announcement today on details of new lawsuits that have been filed against The Citadel for not reporting complaints complaints against ReVille to the police.

Live 5 News reports that Charleston Attorney Mullins McLeod - who represents three people who say they were molested by ReVille - will be announcing the details of these new cases today at 1 p.m.

Update March 20: McLeod has filed six new lawsuits, three in state court and another three in federal court against The Citadel and school President Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa.

The Post and Courier reports that the lawsuits accuse The Citadel and its president of twice failing to protect boys in the school's summer camp from a man who later admitted to preying on them.

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Update June 13: Today was Louis "Skip" Reville day in court; get the update here.

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