Animal abuse puts strain on shelter

74 animals were seized this week in two separate cases of abuse have put a strain on the Charleston Animal Society. Both of the men face multiple charges of ill treatment of animals, after being reported to authorities by neighbors.

From Live 5 News:

Investigators say if the hounds could talk, they would have quite a story to tell. 19 deer hunting dogs are being held at the Charleston Animal Society.

They were taken from their owner last Monday. 56 year old Carl Gadsden was ordered to court Friday morning. Gadsden was hit with 19 counts of Ill Treatment To Animals.

That was the first case, and The Post and Courier has a story on both cases:

The dogs are all hunting breeds and include puppies. Many of the adult hounds are emaciated. Their rib cages and hip bones are prominent under their fur. Some have fur missing in areas that appear to be raw and sore. Some of their toenails are so long that they are starting to curl at the tips, making walking difficult.

The Post and Courier also has video on the issue. If you're interested in adopting any of the animals, you can call the Charleston Animal Society at 747-4849. Their animal shelter is located at 2455 Remount Road in North Charleston:

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